DAIPANbutoh is a Seattle area collective of performers and educators whose members came together out of a shared interest in the art of butoh. DAIPAN’s mission is to explore and support the work of its members, provide educational opportunities, produce evocative performances, and host an annual butoh festival.

Butoh is a body based performing art that emerged in Japan in the late 1950’s with founding artists Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo. While their individual aesthetics were as different as shadow and light, both were grounded in revealing elements of deep inner life through the undeniable truth of the body. Each devoted his life to exploring his unique creativity and a rigorous honesty in performance. Butoh is not a formalized set of movements like ballet, folk or contemporary dance. Butoh shape shifts with sensations, emotions, imagination and a natural flow of movement that takes us beyond the pretty into a deeply authentic present moment. Once primarily an underground art scene in Japan, butoh has grown to become a vital global performance genre.

DAIPANbutoh artists, like butoh’s founders, each has a unique style, while being united in the commitment to poetic transformation through deep listening and flowing with what emerges, trusting the truth in the body. For further information and involvement, connect with us on Facebook and sign-up for our newsletter.

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