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February 20 Sat, 2016

Earth Tomes: celebrating the earth
8:00 pm; @ Taoist Studies Institute, 225 N 70th St, Seattle 98013
$10-$15 sliding scale; Info/Res:
Directed by Joan Laage (Kogut Butoh) & Music by Dmitry Artamonov
with DAIPAN members Sheri Brown, Diana Garcia-Snyder, Kaoru Okumura, and Helen Thorsen plus Mary Cutrera, Marina Sossi (UK), Alan Sutherland, Katrina Wolfe, and Shoko Zama

Earth Tomes was first performed as a site-specific solo in a greenhouse in Malmo, Sweden as part of a symposium on the body and memory in February 2015. Before Joan takes it on her March 2016 tour, collaborating with performers in Liverpool, London and Freiburg, Germany, she has invited dancers to join her here in Seattle. In this age of an increasing use of technology to direct and control so many aspects of our daily lives, Earth Tomes is a welcome revelation of the body as earth and, through continual transformation, reveals the changing landscape of the body.

ETphoto1.KOPhotos: Kaoru Okumura

April 17 Sun, 2016

Kantor’s Dead Class Revisited
4:30pm Door Open @ Polish House

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