Seattle Butoh Festival 2013

2013.08.01: Butoh Gallanza: First Thursday Art Walk. Butoh festival by DAIPANbutoh surrounding the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts in Downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square.
Filmed and edited by Kenneth Lee Huntington

Seattle Butoh Festival 2012

You can see them from Seattle Butoh Festival 2012 playlist

Day 1

“Effortless Allowing Moon Awakens Our Shuddering Bright” by Helen Thorsen
“SETSUNA” by Kaoru Okumura

Day 2:

“GeoSoma MuMatics” by Maureen Momo Freehill & Sheri Brown

“LOLA” by Diana Garcia-Snyder

“Silver Lining” by Joan Laage

“Skin” by Atsushi Takenouchi